Monday, March 12, 2012

Save Some Gas

One of the many benefits of working from home? Fluctuating fuel prices don't give me gas - or a headache!

Here are some tips for businesses that do have to cope with rising gas prices, from Connie Certusi, general manager of Sage Small Business Accounting:

When possible, plan out your deliveries and group your deliveries in the same area for the same days. Have your drivers use GPS to find the shortest routes. Here's an app that helps you calculate fuel savings while you're on the road.

Are your competitors passing along the higher cost of gas to customers? Should you charge a fuel surcharge to help manage the rise in costs?

Use accounting software to manage your cash flow and so that you can easily tell how much the rise in fuel is really costing your business.

Ask your accountant if there are tax benefits to getting new, more fuel-efficient vehicles. This might be a great way to get some lower tax provisions while upgrading your company vehicles.

Maintain your vehicles: Underinflated tires, misalignment, dirty filters and dirty oil can decrease your gas mileage.

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