Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Specialty Networking

Entrepreneurs are often told to narrow their marketing efforts and target specific customers. But how effective is the highly targeted networking that is enabled online these days?

I address that question in telling the story of a new social networking group for LGBT professionals and their allies. Check it out.


  1. It's a great concept. Has me wondering what small niches I might fit into, beyond the broad ones I'm already in.

  2. I've noticed that when you take your business somewhere for personal reasons, if mistakes are made or things go wrong, you tend to take that personally as well.

  3. Petrea, I'm sure there are groups for creative types, actors, etc.

    AH, that's so true. The constant curse of the freelancer who blurs the professional/personal - and yet it's happening more and more. My thoughts on another aspect of the same topic coming up later today.