Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Earth Day

Are you celebrating Earth Day this year? Hint: It's coming up on Friday!

Here are some ways that small businesses can mark the day, courtesy of Emerald Brand, a tree-free, eco-friendly company.

Offer an incentive for employees who make an eco-friendly commute. Provide a “complimentary vacation day” or “drink on the boss” for employees who ride their bike or take public transport to work on Earth Day.

Talk about Earth “Year." Use the day as an opportunity to talk with your coworkers and supervisors about what the office can do to become more eco-friendly over the next year. From conserving energy, to replacing traditional break room products with eco-friendly substitutes, there are plenty of ways for companies to go green without breaking the budget.

Host an Earth Day pot-luck lunch! Ask your coworkers to bring in delicious, organic foods to celebrate with.

Take some “outdoor” time on Earth Day. It’s easy to become bogged down with work. Take a few minutes on Earth Day to go for a walk, take a few deep breaths, and appreciate your surroundings.

Turn off the lights! And the screens, printers, etc. This will conserve energy when the units are not in use.

Don’t print. Try your best to solely use electronic documents during Earth Day. But if you must…

Use both sides of paper for printed documents. Why use double the paper, when you can cut your waste in half immediately? This is a great policy, particularly for internal documents and drafts.

Challenge other businesses in your building to a contest. Who can save the most over a set period of time? Offer a fun prize (i.e. losing office buys a round for the winners) to celebrate.

Hold an office fundraiser. Pick your favorite environmental cause and work together to make a donation.

Offset your carbon footprint. You get presents on Christmas, right? Give something back to the environment on Earth Day.


  1. I like all of these and some of them I do already.

    Did you know Pasadena celebrated Earth day last weekend? I heard about it the day after.

  2. I always use both sides of the paper in my printer - if possible - and I have my computer set up to "sleep" anytime I'm away from it for more than a few minutes.

    No, I didn't hear about the early celebration in Pasadena. Wonder why they would do that?

  3. I can see the logic of celebrating early--they want to do it on a weekend and the upcoming weekend is Easter weekend. I'm sure if I'd been paying attention I'd have known, but whatever publicity there was went right past me.

    About using used paper in the printer--I've heard that's not good for the machine. Is that not so?

  4. Ah, okay, I got it. I'm pretty plugged in to local events - and you are even more so - so I have to wonder how (in)effective the publicity was.

    Never heard anything about used paper in the printer. It hasn't seemed to hurt any of my printers.