Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Here's a kind of cool idea, based on the Wiki model of crowdsourcing: WikiOrgCharts.

The web platform allows users "to pool their business contacts and collaboratively map the relationships that exist within a company," according to the company's founder and CEO Farhan Memon.

How do small businesses benefit? They can register their companies on the site for free, but more importantly,  "WikiOrgs could become something of a Wikipedia for small businesses looking to find the right C-level executives, VPs of Biz Dev, and other decision-makers at appropriate levels for pitching B2B services, new products, new retail items for in-store distribution and much more," says spokesman Mark Lindsey.

One unique offering at the site is the 1.2 million list of U.S Civil Service employees, claimed to be the first of its kind. For small companies looking to find procurement contacts, that could be invaluable.

Check it out!

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