Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reveal Day

Last week, I wrote about how Internet addresses are about to multiply exponentially due to applications for new "top-level domains" - i.e. the .com, .net, and org extensions.

Today was "reveal day," when ICANN (the organization that controls Internet names and numbers) put out the final list of all new top–level domain applications.

Here are some noteworthy items from my source who studies these things:

Amazon applied for 76 new gTLDs. Google applied for 101. Microsoft for 11. Facebook and Twitter did not apply.

Bloomberg applied for .Bloomberg, so our website may change sometime in the future - or maybe not.

There are 230 domains for which at least two applications were submitted.
Some interesting matchups to watch: Who will get .Tires? Goodyear or Bridgestone? Who will get .Mail? Google or Amazon?

After a comment period, ICANN will begin releasing the new domains early next year. Should be interesting.

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