Monday, October 1, 2012

Bad, Bad Customer

Every small business owner has experienced it: The customer who gets the product or service and then "forgets" to pay the invoice.

A Long Island business owner is fed up with these serial offenders ("rich kleptomaniacs" he calls them) and he's fighting back.

Read about his website, in my column this week.


  1. It's touchy. But as a freelancer (the one-person equivalent of a small business), I've had the same problem. Some jerks just don't pay. For most of my work I have a union to back me up, but not everybody is so lucky.

  2. I think all freelancers and small business owners have this problem, and I think he's right: There's a subset of people who victimize small business because they know there'll be few repercussions.

    When I ran a parent newsletter, we occasionally had people who did not pay for their advertising. Sadly for them, I could not let go.

    The result? I spent a lot of time hounding them and eventually got paid. No doubt I didn't even cover my time but it was a "principle of the thing" issue for me.

  3. I was just talking today to a writer who hasn't been paid, for six months, by a well-known press, for work they contracted from her. We have a plan.