Thursday, September 11, 2014

Women Ventures

As more women helm startups, more women angels are funding them.


  1. What a great subject and column. I think the whole theory of the markets and investing should be taught in schools, starting at a very young age. Sad to say, often this is something left to the parents to teach their kids, and like something as basic as changing a tire or fixing the plumbing, fathers often pass what knowledge they have to their sons. Fortunately for me, my mom was a savvy investor, and we spent many mornings with the WSJ and other pubs, discussing various opps and risks. She started me off with $100 real money, and I still recall my initial investment -- it was an OTC.

  2. Very smart of your mom! What tends to be the norm is that wealthy men invest their funds and wealthy women get involved in charities and give their money to good causes. The goal now is to get more women to invest as well as do philanthropy.