Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We're All in This ...

Togetherness is the hot marketing concept of 2009, according to a new survey.

My long-time source Eric Swartz, president of Tagline Guru, surveyed 150 corporate taglines that debuted in 2009.

He lists the top 10 words from those taglines.

Here's the takeaway:

Although the impact of “innovation” has been diminished from overuse, and words like “new” and “more” are typical of jaunty sales jargon, concepts such as “together,” “you,” “imagine,” and “future” paint a picture that is decidedly more intimate, inclusive, and optimistic.


  1. My husband has been home a few weeks now...I'm not at liberty to say precisely how many.
    I'm completely done with togetherness. I'm looking forward to a stay the heck away cation.
    Sorry if this is an inappropriate post--

  2. Desiree, I feel your pain! Too much togetherness is NOT a good thing, sometimes. ;-)

  3. I wonder. Do we really not see past the jargon and know it's just good copy writing?

    My husband and I (aka "we" often work at home. Together. For our future. I imagine it takes practice. It helps that we each have an office with a door on it for when we're not feeling intimate and inclusive.

  4. Petrea, you're a lucky woman! :-)