Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Modern Mythology

If you're not sure of the answer on a test, go with your hunch.

It's better to let out your anger than repress it.

Some people are left-brained and others are right-brained.

No brainers, right? In fact, none of those "truisms" is true. They're all included in a new book, "50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology," reviewed in this week's eSkeptic .

The title actually sells the book short, according to reviewer Dr. Harriet Hall (aka the Skepdoc). The authors go in depth on the 50 myths of the title but also briefly debunk 250 additional popular assertions like the G-spot (sorry ladies!), men thinking about sex every seven seconds (it just seems like they do, apparently) and the advantages of group think.

They also explain why myths and misconceptions arise and gain a foothold. I'm currently reading about conspiracy theories.

This sounds like a good follow up.

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