Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Freelance Tax Form

I so wish I could actually file this marginally employed tax form, IRS number BFaS (blood from a stone).

A few friends of mine would be well-served to use some of these freelancer deductions, including:

*Deduct 50% of medicines taken to combat avian flu, swine flu, rogue flu and subway poet flu.

*That/which Deduction: Deduct $1 for every grammatical error in a sign or poster thatn you pointed out to someone else.

*Your food blog

*Your other food blog

The only reason this is a no-go for me is a note in small print: "If you do not Twitter, you do not qualify as a freelancer and may not use this form."



  1. I, too, was good until the very end.

  2. That's hilarious! You don't tweet? Maybe I'll tweet it and tell folks I found it here.

    Just saw your Business Week story on health care. Well done. (Altadenablog steered me to it.)

  3. Hiker, maybe we'll qualify next year.

    Petrea, nope I don't tweet. I draw the line at tweeting, actually. Working from home for 20 years has blurred the line between professional and private until it is barely visible. But having pressure to create something clever for public consumption several times a day/week is too much for me. Yes, I'm a total wimp.