Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting Paid

The questioner in my column this week is apparently not the only freelancer having trouble getting paid.

I have to laugh a little at the Journal's intrepid reporting: Freelancers often have a hard time collecting on their invoices!

Will wonders never cease?

Those of us who have freelanced for a couple of decades know that this is hardly big news. Okay, more people are working as independent contractors these days, so maybe more are noticing that this whole "getting paid" thing isn't always cut-and-dried.

Since I got burned way back in the '90s for a $500 payment (big money for my family at that time!) from a now-defunct business journal, I've learned how to make sure I get paid.

And I have a one-off policy: Late or non-existent payment? I don't take another assignment from that client. Period.


  1. I once took a $75 job recommended by a (male) friend. The guy didn't pay, kept promising, etc. Finally he didn't return my calls. I mentioned it to my friend who picked up the phone and called his pal. "Hey buddy, Mike here. How's it goin'? Great, great. Say, do I have to bust your knees to get you to pay my friend her 75 bucks? Ha ha, yeah, I didn't think so," etc.

    I had my money in two days.

    That approach never worked for me for some reason.

  2. Petrea, we all need to know someone who can bust a kneecap or two occasionally!