Thursday, June 24, 2010

Giving Before You Get

I hear from lots of companies that want to get noticed in the media. Most of them are looking to get publicity and new clients.

Fewer actually follow the best advice, which is to give, give, give and then expect good things to come back to you.

When I do come across someone using the giving model, I'll let you know about it. Here's one, Blue Fountain Media, which has an online presence, and includes a page devoted to really excellent advice for entrepreneurs looking to use social media and other online marketing tools.

Are they basically giving away their expertise? Yes they are. But just by doing so, they engender good will and develop a sense of trust with potential clients. And at the end of their tips they make sure to give readers a way to contact them and do business, if they'd like. It's never a hard sell, which is an immediate turn off.

This is the way to sell services these days, and I suspect it will be for the near future. More of us should take note.


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  2. I agree! BFM does what most companies know they are supposed to do but don't. They consistently produce information which is incredibly useful. As a salesperson, I have admired Blue Fountain Media's approach of giving value first. Great post.