Friday, July 16, 2010

Harvest Time

We've been picking green beans, cucumbers, basil, peppers and tomatoes from our summer veggie garden for a while now.

But yesterday was the first time we picked some corn. Test for readiness by stabbing your fingernail into a kernel. If it just sits there, no dice. If the kernel squirts milky fluid in response to your stab, you're good to go.

We ate these ears a few minutes after we harvested them. Yum!

The sunflowers must be over 8-feet by now (Andy is over 6') but the flowers haven't opened yet. What's the matter, guys - not hot enough for ya!?



  1. Wow. And you also "grew" that handsome kid next to the sunflowers!

  2. You're quite the show-off with that corn, but I'll have you know my sunflowers are 12 feet tall. (This heat is good for one thing -- my tomatoes are finally turning red.)

  3. Steve: Yes, we "grew him up right" as your mom used to say. ;-)

    AH: You know the funny thing with the corn is - it's totally easy to grow. You don't have to do a thing special to it, except grease up the silks to avoid worms. That's it!

    My sunflowers are still growing, so they might make 12 feet before they're done. The flowers still haven't opened, but they're starting to follow the sun, which is fun.

    Yes, my tomatoes are finally ripening too, but they're still awfully puny.

  4. I was late to transplant my tomato to a large enough pot, so nothing's going on there yet. I'm not known for my gardening skills but you're inspiring.