Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Powerful Women

My friend and business source Glenn Llopis writes about the Four Skills That Give Women a Sustainable Advantage Over Men.

Glenn is a visionary. I hope that he's right, and that more women will recognize their skills and use them to advantage in business and life.

Just for some examples and inspiration, check out this gallery of powerful women.


  1. You know, I hate to disagree with you on anything, particularly business, since you know so much more than I. But I have never subscribed to the women are this way and men are that theory. And to call women "natural givers" seems so patronizing to me. No, it's doesn't seem so, it is so.

    Ok, that's all. I'll go away now.

  2. AH, happy to have you disagree with me anytime.

    The link was to Glenn's article, not mine. I don't agree with everything he has to say either, I just thought he made some interesting points.

    And women in business is a big topic for me. I'm working on an op-ed right now that I hope will be published this fall on that topic.