Tuesday, October 25, 2011

AdWords Grader

How well are your Google Ad campaigns really working? Check out the AdWords Grader from Wordstream and find out.

Larry Kim, founder and CTO of WordStream, which puts out the AdWords Grader, says it is important to check metrics on your AdWords buys because:

· Advertising on google requires skills. You pick keywords that are relevant to your business, write ads, create landing pages, set keyword bids, analyze results, etc. It’s quite hard! Advertisers compete against each other. There are winners and losers.

· Millions of SMB advertisers are struggling with adwords, so they end up blowing billions of marketing dollars on lousy keywords, crummy ads, poor landing pages, etc.

· This thing helps educate advertisers on where they’re problem areas are. It’s like a “report card” or “credit score” for Google AdWords advertisers. It’s simple, easy, free.

· It compares your results to the results of other advertisers so that they can figure out “How am I doing?” relative to others with similar monthly ad spend.

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