Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Twitter Ad Space

Here's a timely offer you may not be able to resist:

American Express, in partnership with social media giant Twitter, is announcing that its Cardmembers and merchants will be given exclusive first access to Twitter’s new advertising solution for small businesses. Amex will give $100 in free Twitter ads to the first 10,000 eligible businesses that register at

The exclusive offer will give business owners the ability to leverage promoted ad products on Twitter and engage its more than 300 million users – a pool of potential customers largely untapped by entrepreneurs.

Businesses that sign-up today will be able to kick their Twitter campaigns off at the end of March.  The new advertising solution will open to the general public later in the year.


  1. That may be a good deal but it brings up something for me: I don't like seeing ads on Twitter. I guess I'm spoiled; I'm not used to it and I hide them when they come up in my feed. Also, if someone retweets an ad to me I unfollow that person.

    I wonder how this is going to work for advertisers. Although I've got nothing against the Twitter folks making some money, it might be better for some advertisers to learn how to be social networkers like the rest of us, at least on certain platforms.

  2. I think that online advertising is inevitable and is going to only get more prevalent. With print declining, and always having been too expensive for many small businesses, they are looking for anyplace they can find to market.

    Social networking is a valuable tool but it supplements advertising, rather than replacing it, I believe. And thank goodness for that - we journalists need the revenue to come from somewhere, or else our profession goes away! ;-)