Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tax Day is April 17

That's right: April 15 is a Sunday and April 16 is a Washington, D.C. holiday so tax day is April 17 this year.

That gives you less than two months to pull your papers together, or at least get your electronic records in order. I have a source (a tax accountant, natch), who says he loves tax season because it brings all Americans together in a way very few other "holidays" do. For a few weeks or months, we all experience the agony of the missing receipt and the mistaken addition of a column of figures. But we do it as fellow countrymen and countrywomen, damn it!

Well, I'm not so sure he's onto something with that. But I am happy to report that my return is completed and ready to be e-filed. I also helped my son do his first-ever tax return last weekend - and I'm happy to say we're both getting refunds!

I would never attempt to do my own returns, because working at home and being self-employed makes them very complicated. But my son who works just part-time used the IRS' Free File service, which is available to anyone. There's also a free file tax software program that's available for taxpayers with 2011 adjusted gross income of $57,000 or less, which encompasses about 100 million Americans, or 70 percent of all taxpayers.

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