Friday, July 13, 2012

Hanger Hang-Up

Do those wire hangers from the dry cleaners bug you as much as they bug me?

They're too flimsy to keep using, but I hate tossing them out. I recently donated a bundle of them to the local charity that picks up old clothes from my doorstep. They use them to display clothes in their thrift store.

But it's nice to know that dry cleaners themselves (most of whom are small businesses) are getting into the act. In fact, the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (who knew?) aims to recycle enough steel to match six Statues of Liberty:

That's 750 tons of steel. In addition to her 125 tons of steel, Lady Liberty also contains 31 tons of copper and her base is made of 27,000 tons of concrete. As of today, participating cleaners have pledged to reuse or recycle 16 million hangers, the 2012 goal is 25 million.
Here's a list of drycleaners who are participating in the recycling program. Look one up in your area and give them a try.


  1. Just shows what I don't know about recycling. I didn't know you could recycle steel...

  2. I go to Merit Cleaners in Altadena, and I always bring back my hangers. They reuse/recycle them there by putting new paper thingies on them. At least that's what they say. Could be they gave 'em to Lady Liberty.

  3. Cool program, huh? Nice to see more and more people getting into recycling. :-)