Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Dogs, Ourselves

Dogs and cats have gone from living in the barn to sleeping in our beds (not mine, but some peoples'!).

That trend fuels the introduction of fresh dog- and cat-food, says Freshpet CEO Richard Thompson. But how difficult is it to introduce a whole new product category? Check out my column today.


  1. I wish Boz would eat dog food! In his old age, he refuses it. We're feeding him hamburger and rice. It's cheaper than the prescription dog food we were feeding him, but a lot more trouble.

  2. You might try this stuff, Petrea. It's all natural and much more like human food (turkey rice beef and veggies, etc) than dog food.

  3. I'll pick some up and have Boz give it a smell. It does sound like something he'd like.