Friday, March 15, 2013

You Just Have To Write

Fascinating interview on the writing life from an author who tried it all and wound up self-publishing. Long but worth it.

My freelance group will enjoy this particularly:
I spent a lot of years trying to turn myself into a brand because they told us self-branding is a way to success. And I kind of believed the hype. It’s just not true. To this day, I see writers publishing their first book or their second book and I can just see them going overboard with the marketing and getting all hyped up about it. You just have to write. If something good happens for you, post it on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or wherever you make your social-media home, but don’t overdo it. Enough with the marketing! Enough with the goddamn marketing already! I’m sick of it. 


  1. You're right, I did enjoy that!

  2. A great article. Someone I know well went through exactly the same thing.