Monday, January 25, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

I am still basking in my whirlwind weekend. First was an Algonquin Round Table-style dinner, hosted on Friday by my friend Sam Horn, who was in town for the Pop! personal branding seminar and the Innovation & Humanity Summit at Chapman College.

Friday's sparkling evening of smart information and fun, funny people - most of them are members of the National Speakers Association, so you can imagine the level of discourse! - was followed on Saturday by a truly amazing day focused on the intersection of entrepreneurship, ethics and social change.

Just to be in a room with hundreds of attendees who put a priority on the "double bottom line" (where companies are concerned with both profits and making the world a better place) was invigorating. I met tons of terrific people and resolved anew to pursue a book idea I have been researching on this very topic.

Finally, last but definitely not least, was Sunday's seminar. A group of writers, entrepreneurs and job-seekers got to watch Sam in action and participate in a series of interactive exercises:

Joining Sam in leadership was Lilli Cloud, a SoCal branding and marketing expert who has been helping people find their "blue feet" (what makes them stand out) for the past several years:

One of the attendees mentioned how seamlessly Sam and Lilli integrated their material. You'd never know that these two women first met just a few minutes before the workshop started!

There was vital energy in the room yesterday and we've gotten loads of great feedback from those who were there. I think everyone was inspired - I know I was!

Thanks to everyone who attended and all who helped make the day a success. My friends Susan and Paula worked hard to get the word out and they were terrific. It sure is nice to know a Connector and a Maven! (h/t Gladwell)


  1. Fabulous! Thanks for the recap, sorry to have missed it

  2. I'm surprised Sam and Lilli hadn't spent hours together planning that seminar yesterday! It was really, really terrific and I am indeed inspired. My notes are fully of just about everything I need, including at least one good epiphany.

  3. Thanks Karen for capturing the magic of that POP! workshop. The energy of a room-full of writers talking about how to get their ideas and books out of their head and into the world was inspiring. Special thanks for all you did to make the event a success.

  4. Yes, the energy was special and I think it really accomplished what I had hoped when I first conceived the event. :-)

  5. Sorry I had to miss it, but I am so glad I got to meet Sam while she was in town.