Friday, January 28, 2011

Working Naked Day

When I heard about Working Naked Day, I had a disturbing mental flash of Wall Street staffers stalking around with only their briefcases for "cover."

Then I read further and found out that the designation - it's today in fact - was created to highlight the millions of us who work from home and have little to no outside support, except for what we find for ourselves.

Lisa Kanarek, founder of National Working Naked Day, offers these appropriately provocative tips for all of us who are working naked (figuratively, if not literally!):

Expose yourself to new technology. In addition to storing data on your computer or an external hard drive, use an online data storage option, such as Dropbox, and start implementing planning software, like Evernote, into your everyday tasks.

Strip your home office down to the basics. Instead of using separate machines for faxing, printing, scanning and copying, use an all-in-one machine.

Don't be modest. Share your accomplishments by hanging diplomas or business awards on your wall. Let your home office reflect your personality and style.

Dress up your office. Your home office doesn’t have to have a boring, corporate look. Install draperies with interesting patterns and designs, paint your walls bright colors and hang colorful artwork.

Cover up your floor (or at least part of it) to absorb sound. By adding an area rug or wall-to-wall carpeting to your home office, you won’t sound as if you’re in a cave when you’re on the phone or a video-conference call.

I love Lisa's concept and her tagline, "Working from a home office never felt so cool."

Last year, I reconfigured my office after years of staring at a wall. I also got a beautiful, much larger desk and finally have adequate lighting. I think working at home on a shoestring means that many of us (I'm guilty) endure less-than-optimal conditions. Lisa has some good advice about making a home office attractive and fun. I'm going to take them to heart.


  1. Thanks for writing about Working Naked Day. Would love to see a photo of your home office. It's amazing how changing only one or two things in your home office, can make a big difference!

  2. You're welcome, Lisa, it's a great concept.

    I should have taken before and after pictures of my home office. It's not wonderful now, but it is SOOO much improved.

  3. Great ideas. And I still have time to take the "before" picture.