Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stranger in a Strange Land

Everything was perfectly fine on the World Wide Web. I checked email and noodled around a bit - it was a Sunday afternoon, after all - and then I took my son to a fun holiday show.

When I returned a couple of hours later, all hell had broken loose. Or rather, my computer had gone to hell. Commands were not followed, programs did not open and it was slow, slower, slowest - until it just quit working altogether.

There's nothing quite as disorienting as being without my computer. I hate to admit it, but I rely on this machine like I rely on my right arm. When it abandons me, I am lost.

This was back in mid-December and my college students were home, so there were lots of spare laptops available. But they weren't my laptop, with my bookmarks loaded and my passwords stored. Stumbling around cyberspace on a strange contraption whose keys are in all the wrong places is like being a stranger in a strange land.

Thanks to my computer repair guys, I was able to save needed work on a flash drive and meet a couple of crucial deadlines over the holidays.

But along with the computer virus came a biological virus that had me down, and even more disoriented, for a good two weeks. The energy is only now starting to return.

Why, dear reader, do I subject you to this long tale of woe? Only to apologize for my long absence and assure you that I will do better in 2011. Happy new year all, and may your backups be diligent and your cybersurfing efficient and familiar.


  1. My trusty computer was out of commission for several days in early December. I can relate to your situation. I couldn't even email clients to tell them I was offline. Glad you and the computer are on the mend.

  2. Karen,

    This definitely happens to all of us in the blogging and media world. I had my trusty ThinkPad freeze up a couple of years ago, and I recall the disorientation I felt until I was set up again.

    I have a faithful backup device now, but I always wonder: Will it come through at the right moment? I do feel better having a backup. I guess this means these little machines -- including my Droid -- are extensions of ourselves.

    I also keep in mind that my columns are "out there," and even when I am not working on my site that minute someone is accessing one of them and (hopefully) finding enrichment, knowledge, entertainment, etc.

    I appreciate your insights on business and on being an entrepreneur. All the best to you in the New Year!

  3. Yes, the lack of email addresses! I had that problem too, Paula. Absolutely disorienting!

    Susan, I have a backup device too but because I don't have automatic backup, it was not as up-to-date as I needed. Bad me! I will upgrade my software this quarter to a program that includes automatic backup. Thanks for commenting. :-)

  4. This is going to give me nightmares tonight. I'm way too casual about back-ups and such.

  5. Automatic backup is the solution, AH. Of course, do I have it set up yet? Uhhhhhh ......