Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Dream of the 90s...

... is alive in Portland.

You know you're in Portland when:

* Airport toilets include detailed flushing instructions for saving water and specially treated, non-germy handles.

* You don't bother with tickets for the interconnected system of light rail, street cars and buses as long as you're in the downtown "free rail zone."

* You eat at stationary food "carts," not mobile food "trucks."

* Food carts appear in narrow sidewalk spaces in between buildings. Who needs waivers or permits when they make the most delicious homemade peanut-butter, cherry jam, jalapeno and bacon sandwich on grilled challa bread you've ever tasted!?

* Community gardens spring up in vacant lots. Instead of complaining, the neighbors donate water.

* Community gardens spring up on construction sites, with cisterns to collect rainwater. Homemade signs thank the developers for the space.

* Instead of for-sale flyers in plexiglass in front yards, you find poetry flyers.

* The beloved visionary governor who restored open space and limited development was both a journalist and a Republican.

I was raising kids and missed the '90s zeitgeist, but Portland is definitely weird. In a good way.

Check out this photo album that Steve put together.


  1. When did you go?!?! Is this anything to do with

  2. We went last weekend, Desiree, for our anniversary.

    See last week's post

  3. I think you guys fell a little in love with Portland.

  4. You're right, Petrea. Very hard not to, it's such a charming and well-running city!

  5. oh gawd, dumb me!
    Missed that, and on my blog roll Naked Day is the most recent of yours!
    I shudder--