Saturday, March 21, 2009

Food Fetish

Last week, I made an embarrassing confession at a friend's food blog.

I like canned corned beef hash. I not only like it, I actually love it. If it wasn't so unhealthful, I would probably eat it a lot.

This was an embarrassing confession because a lot of people, like Desiree the food blogger, consider canned hash one half-step above Alpo.

I get the comparison, but what can I say? My parents grew up during the Depression, my mom cooked a lot of dishes from that era and I ate them happily. I might as well come completely clean and also admit that I like fried liver and onions (served with bacon and ketchup) and canned spinach.

Just don't make me eat Spam. Ugh.

Wow - I feel better getting these character flaws off my chest. How about you? 'Fess up: What hopelessly unfashionable foods are your secret delights?


  1. I love peanut butter smeared on Ritz Crackers accompanied by a fine bottle of Chateau Coca Cola. Early in my married life I cut wedges of baloney to place on crackers to entertain some guests. My husband's British cousin seemed to find it quite palatable--

  2. Approximately once a year, I simply must have Pop-Tarts.

  3. Well, Obama and I both like our occasional treat of Spam musubi (fried Spam on white rice wrapped in seaweed).

  4. Desiree, I could eat chunky peanut butter on rye Triscuits every day. I was never a bologna fan, but I do like liverwurst (we used to call it braunschweiger) on melba toast.

    I never really liked Pop-Tarts but my children consider them a lovely breakfast treat.

    My only childhood experience with Spam was on a Girl Scout camp out. Our leader was demonstrating the "safe" method for frying Spam (in our mess kits over Sterno cans) when suddenly she became engulfed in flames.

    She was fine (once extinguished, we discovered only her eyelashes and brows were singed) but that forever colored my relationship with Spam, I fear.

  5. Although issues of Food & Wine arrive at our house monthly (thanks to some unused frequent flier miles), there are some unfashionable (and low-budget) things that my wife and I appreciate. Karen mentioned that she likes liver and onions, but assuming she meant beef or calf's liver, she's missing out on the deal to be had in a container of chicken livers (served with onions and bacon of course). My wife doesn't happen to see eye to eye with me when I just have to get some liverwurst at the deli counter though. Other food items that I usually get to enjoy only by myself (because they are underappreciated or simply misunderstood, of course) include sardines and anchovies, although the latter can get a little pricey when buying the much-more-tasty, high-quality imported white anchovies that remind me of some of our favorite days spent on the coast during our trip through Italy.
    Love the food-related posts Karen. I'm yet to truly combine the food-marketing concepts as promised on Marketing BBQ, but I am working on it.

  6. Eric, my dad sometimes brought home chicken livers and gizzards from Dinah's Fried Chicken,, near our house in West L.A. when I was a kid. I haven't had them since then, but I loved them at the time!

    Never tried anchovies or sardines, though. I'm not a fan of fishy-tasting fish.