Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Help From The Feds

My Smart Answers column today outlines some ways that government is reaching out to small business owners during this tough time.

Another must-read on Businessweek.com's Small Biz page today is Jason Calacanis's essay on failing startups. It's a long but riveting account of the tough choices an entrepreneur must make when a business is teetering on the edge. Calacanis - founder of the Silicon Alley Reporter - details the nitty-gritty with the verve and black humor that only a small business owner could love.


  1. Thanks for the link--I look forward to it--

  2. Des, if that cautionary tale doesn't dissuade a few recently-downsized folks from leaping off the cliff into business ownership, I don't know what would.

    I'm a cheerleader for startup entrepreneurs, but I've also seen enough of the downside to wish people would be more cautious before they put their life savings on the line.