Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Week in SmallBiz

I was so busy writing last week that I had no time to blog. I realized that as the subject matter complexity has increased during this economic turmoil, I'm working longer hours in 2009 although I'm producing fewer weekly columns.

Hmmm ... working harder but making less money. Something's wrong with that picture!

All that hard work paid off on the SmallBiz page, however. My colleagues and I put up some terrific content, including my podcast on hiring and supervising freelancers online.

BW Staffer John Tozzi and I wrote companion pieces about entrepreneurship after layoffs, a topic that the New York Times tackled on its front page the next day. (After all these years, I still love beating the competition!)

For extra measure, freelance columnist and tech consultant Gene Marks posted a piece on bellwethers of recovery. Watching tangible economic metrics for the beginning of the end is much smarter than reading tea leaves. Gene argues, however, that when the cable chatter shifts, we'll know the end is near. I'll be on the look out.

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