Friday, May 1, 2009

Investors (Still) Open For Business

Credit is tight, or non-existent. Friends and family are tapped out. What's an inventive, determined entrepreneur to do?

The good news is that although private investment has dropped sharply, it is still available from specialized sources.

I talk to a few folks who are still ponying up money for enterprising startups in my Smart Answers column this week.

In the podcast, I interview one of those determined enterpreneurs, Eileen Gould - a female general contractor working in a man's world. Eileen is a long-time source whom I interviewed for the L.A. Times back in the '90s, when her business was booming.

Things aren't so good right now, but Eileen hasn't given up. Her pluck and creativity inspire me and remind me why I love writing about small business owners!

Speaking of the Times, my In Box column this week answers questions about finding startup clients, improving cash flow and whether having a helper hubby on the job is a problem.


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  2. Thanks, Apostille! Hope to "see" you back here again in future.