Friday, May 15, 2009

I've Cracked the Code!

My college student heads into finals week starting tomorrow and I head up to collect him next week. It's hard to believe he has completed his first year away at school.

He's done wonderfully well (as far as we can tell) but keeping the lines of communication open has not been easy. After barely hearing from him first semester, we instituted a weekly telephone call that has worked out nicely.

But often when I needed to tell him something, or ask a question, my emails went unanswered. I didn't know whether he was not getting them, getting them and ignoring them or what.

Then I signed up for Facebook (after long years of resistance) and I finally figured out how to get through to him: Send him a Facebook message! I tried it and he replied the next day.

The funny thing is, some of us still think of email as "modern communication." But to teenagers and 20-somethings, email is old school.

Seriously. They don't use it and have to be prompted to remember to check it. Everything seems to go through Facebook.

So if you want to communicate with your teenager, I recommend it. That and an AIM account is all you need.

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