Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mystery Volunteers

Before I could even get my organic garden planted, some squash plants cropped up.

I remembered tossing some wilted zucchini into my compost pile a few months ago, before I tilled the compost into my garden soil. And those plants looked like zucchini to me.

Since we can only eat so much zucchini, and the plants tend to be very prolific, I gave away a bunch of seedlings to members of my freecycle group.

Then today when I was weeding, I turned up some suspiciously pumpkin-like seeds. And then I remembered that I had also tossed our rotted Halloween pumpkin into the compost bin, back in the fall.

Ooops! Are my "zucchini" plants really pumpkin vines?

Here's a bigger picture of the garden, which is starting to take shape nicely:


  1. what are you growing? my garden gets less ambitious each year. this year we're down to tomatoes, herbs, and hot peppers.

    my family tree includes a main branch from Italy. this group settled in San Fran, and they all gardened. The women all lived into their 100s, and with a fair degree of independence. All died still in their own homes. The common denominator, besides DNA, was heavy home grown veggie component to the diet.

    So....keep on gardening Karen! The world needs more of your kind to live a long long time :)

  2. Hi Julie! I'm growing pole beans, squash, pumpkin/zucchini (?), tomatoes, eggplant, watermelons plus some spinach and radishes left over from the winter garden.

    I hope I do keep on gardening, however my DNA is against me on this one. Neither of my parents made it past 76, and they were not smokers, heavy drinkers or otherwise any worse on lifestyle than their peers of the day.

    I certainly get more regular exercise than my mom did and I know I eat a more healthful diet, but I become more and more convinced that the genes have a lot to do with these things. My mother-in-law has hearty genes, though, and she's from good Italian stock also. :-)

  3. Update: The fruit is setting and, um, it doesn't look like zucchini. It's round and drooping down, awfully like ... a pumpkin!

    I have to say, all the work my boys and I did on improving the soil is paying off. I have planted summer vegetables forever and I've never seen them take off like these are. They look so vigorous and happy!