Monday, July 6, 2009

Get Ready, Get Set

I hate to come back from a long weekend with bad news, but I'm afraid it's out there.

Remember that swine flu epidemic that we were hearing so much about a few months ago?

Well, the media spotlight has moved on to other things - like the national hourly Michael Jackson update (don't get me started).

But the new strain of flu has quietly become a global health concern that is building strength in the southern hemisphere's chill and is likely to return to North America by fall.

Now's the time to get prepared, public health officials say.

Southern Californians should always have emergency supplies on hand as part of our earthquake preparedness. It's a good bet that a well-stocked earthquake kit will have a lot of the supplies needed for a flu pandemic also, but I know it's time to update my own.

I don't have nearly enough food stockpiled to last two weeks, however, which is what is recommended in case of a severe flu outbreak. If you have college students, as I do, they should have food on hand also.

Here's a good general pandemic readiness site and comprehensive list of links and resources.

Now's the time to lay the groundwork - just in case this bug turns even nastier later in the year.

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