Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Garden Bounty

I hoped to start harvesting veggies from the garden this week, and we have!

Here's a sample of the goodness - and it's barely summer:

We will be well-fed this summer, no doubt about it.

I took the White Beauty eggplant and Cue Ball zucchini above, cut them in half, hollowed them out and stuffed them with sauteed vegetables and bread crumbs, topped with parmesan cheese. You can add some crumbled, cooked sausage or ground meat, but they make a nice vegetarian side dish also.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone! I'm taking a couple days off. :-)


  1. Very impressive! I'm still weeks away from having ripe tomatoes, green beans or eggplant.

  2. I've been surprised at how vigorous these plants have been, and how early they're producing! It's either my homemade compost, full sun or Janet Aird's soil prep techniques, including her recommendation to get organic steer manure as fertilizer.

    The real test will be to see if I can actually grow some melons. I've tried for years and never succeeded. To have a home grown melon ripen on the vine would be so exciting for me. :-)