Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How'd You Do That?

In this week's podcast interview, I chat with an author who studied fast growth companies.

Jason Jennings, a long-time entrepreneur who started writing business books and speaking to business owners several years ago, identified dozens of companies where CEOs came in and made big, positive impacts in a short timeframe.

Then he narrowed his list down to the top few and interviewed each of the CEO's to answer the question: "How'd you do that?"

What he found is fascinating. Each of these highly effective, highly efficient CEOs bucked the traditional mold and did things that might at first seem counterintuitive, but turned out to be brilliant.

Listen to the interview to get more info. By the way, you can listen to my podcast at the BusinessWeek website (look for "featured podcast" on the SmallBiz page) or you can do what I do: Subscribe (free!) at iTunes and listen on your iPod while you're doing something like walking, biking or lifting weights at the gym.

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