Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Advice from Bob

My long-time source (and friend) Bob Zeitlinger had some terrific thoughts in his comment on my last post.

In case you missed it, Bob writes:

In addition to the editing, a PR person can give you tips and advice for all your news releases, and even provide some advice in terms of follow-up with editors.

As important as the news release is the note that is sent to editors with the news release. Through this note, show editors or reporters that you are familiar with their work. Emphasize the local angle if there is one. Editors get lots of news releases and story ideas, so you need to be very clear.

Backtracking one step: make sure the subject line of the email sells the story. Don't just write: "news release by xyz company" or "story idea." Editors - much like you and me - read subject lines when deciding which of the 15 unopened emails will get our attention first.

One last note: when following up with editors, please do not open with "did you get my news release?" It's a dead-end question. Instead, start with your story idea or news item. You can always mention that you sent the news release in a moment or two.

Every word is absolutely true! Thanks, Bob.

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