Friday, September 4, 2009

It Works! It Really, Really Works!

Thanks to blogging and social networking for the better part of this year, I no longer have time to blog or do much networking!

But it's for a good cause: I've picked up four new assignments in the past month and a half, all of them from contacts made or strengthened through this blog and my Facebook page. Two are likely to be ongoing assignments and two are one-offs for now - with the potential for more work in future.

This is great news. After losing one of my regular freelance gigs (as a retirement columnist for Newsday) in January, I worried about being dependent on just two media outlets for all my income. (And with the state of media outlets these days, it was especially worrisome.)

One thing self-employed folks often learn the hard way is not to have all our revenue come from one or even two large clients. Life is uncertain, and business especially, so it's a big mistake to get too cozy and reliant on even the most "stable" client.

Things change, budgets are trimmed, priorities are shifted elsewhere. Sometimes it's easier for corporations to cut the low-hanging fruit (the self-employed subcontractor) than it is to lay off a full-time employee who has to be confronted in person with the bad news.

So widening my horizons has been a great thing for me, though I feel like I've been neglecting this space lately. Well, better late than never: Here's what I've been writing about recently.

The interview I did with Backcountry CEO John Bresee was especially interesting, as it on focused third-generation Internet interactions and specifically on user-generated content. How can small companies turn over their websites to users - and not police them?! I don't know, but Bresee has done it.

Have a wonderful long weekend and keep diversifying your options!


  1. Congrats, Karen!

  2. I second that: social media works so well you don't have time for social media. However, I now consider it like flossing—something I do every day even if I'm way too busy.