Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Content Alert

We didn't post a new Smart Answers column this week because I decided to take a little break for the long weekend.

But there is some great content at the BusinessWeek site that I'll point out to make sure you don't miss it.

A long-time source of mine, consultant George Cloutier, has begun writing a new column called The Turnaround Ace. This week, he tackles a family business run amok.

Uncharacteristically, our resident curmudgeon, consultant Gene Marks, writes about the up-side of the recession for small businesses that are well-managed and quick to jump on opportunities. Go Gene!

I do have a new podcast up, this one an interview with an expert who advises that entrepreneurs should start planning now to beat their competition out of the post-recession, early-recovery gate.


  1. I just listened to your podcast, enjoyed it, understood it, and feel like "Hey, these are things I can handle."

  2. Great to hear, Petrea! By the way, I tested out the "go offline" on Facebook and it definitely works.

  3. Yeah, I finally figured it out, too. Happy to find that.

    I just recommended your blog to a friend today. I hope she'll be checking it out. She owns a small business.