Monday, December 14, 2009

A Woman in Boxer Shorts?

It's hard to believe this kind of thing still happens.

Without anything more than his/her word to go on, we don't really know if it happened or not. But this blogger claims to have finally succeeded as a writer only after she took on a male byline and a persona as a guy.

Salon takes a look at the larger issues, including the cautionary tales of women who published/posted under their own names and got viciously attacked - worse, they say, than their male counterparts.

Have we really come so far only to be falling so short?

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  1. Amazing. Thanks for turning me on to that. I don't doubt her assertion that the world perceived her work differently. But I also wonder if writing under an assumed name (male or female) gave her confidence to speak more assertively, or in some other different way than she normally would have? I'm not saying it did. But it might for me.