Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons

I've always given away the bounteous fruit from my over-achieving lemon tree.

But what do you do when life hands you an over-achieving lemon tree and a fruit-fly quarantine?

You make lemonade. And lemon juice. And lemon bars. And lemon curd.

Oh my goodness, lemon curd*. Try it mixed with a little Cool-Whip over angel food cake with some berries on top.


*Thanks, Dorothy!


  1. I vote for lemon bars.

    Also, you can freeze lemon juice in old fashioned ice cube trays and keep for spring/summer lemonade...

  2. Yeah, I'm going to have to get my hands on some of those ice cube trays. (I threw out my old ones years ago.)

    I'm definitely doing some lemon juicing this weekend.

  3. If I came over to your house, could I take lemons home? Probably not.

    If I came over to your house, could I take lemon bars and lemonade home?

  4. The rules state that within the quarantine zone, which includes Pasadena, the fruit must be processed and consumed on the premises. If you throw it away, it's supposed to be double-bagged.

    So, you could come over and eat lemon bars and drink lemonade, but not take any leftovers home. Sorry!

    Check Steve's blog to see some of our juicing operation. We got six quart jars of juice and that was just from the literally low-hanging fruit. There are still tons of lemons on the tree!

  5. Whoa. just clicked through the LA Times item to see the quarantine map.

    Petrea, you're quarantined. So is Doc M (now that his fruit plants are finally producing, having borne two -- count em, two! -- whole lemons. Don't think there'll be a problem consuming those.)

    Amazingly, I'm outside the quarantine area. Just.

  6. Yeah, it's weird that Monrovia is bifurcated. There's a monthly produce exchange in Monrovia that encouraged westsiders to just show up and get goodies, not bring any to share.