Thursday, June 23, 2011

Worse Than ... What?

A marketing genius obviously dreamed up this recent national survey that critques boring, static PowerPoint presentations.

Bad PowerPoint (and I do stress "bad" because I've also seen great ones) are so painful that nearly 25% say they would give up sex rather than sit through a PowerPoint, according to the survey. More than one-third reported falling asleep during one; 30% admitted they have snuck out on a bad slide presentation.

As you might imagine, this survey was done by a PowerPoint competitor, SlideRocket. They identify the following hallmarks of bad presentations: Excessive text on slides, boring graphics, lack of analytics, and large file size.

I would agree with those and add another one: Blocks of text that the presenter insists on reading, word-for-word, to the audience, most of whom have already read that paragraph or bullet point by the time the speaker gets to it. Ugh.

At a recent conference I attended, there was a deadly dull PowerPoint and a fantastic one. The bad one was way too complicated and the topic itself was boring. The great one was done by Guy Kawasaki - need I say more?

My friend, marketing guru Sam Horn, does say more. In a series of blog posts, she goes through Kawasaki's slide show and points out what he did right. It's a fun - and instructive - read.


  1. I swore I'd never look at another powerpoint as long as I lived. The only thing worse than the presenter reading it word for word is having one of those laser pointers trained on it, word for word.