Monday, April 23, 2012

Going Green

According to the Office Depot Small Business Index, 61 percent of small businesses are actively trying to go greener and 70 percent of small businesses anticipate becoming more environmentally conscious over the next two years.

But other than installing a recycle bin and buying energy efficient products, how can they achieve the goal?

Peter Soyka, an environmental management consultant, has a new book, "Creating A Sustainable Organization," that offers some ideas for entrepreneurs and small business CEOs:
-- Provide sustainable investing choices in the employee 401(k) or other retirement plan.
-- Review company travel policies and practices, and determine if changes are warranted to reduce costs and environmental impacts associated with business travel.
-- Develop or strengthen a company-wide employee safety and disaster preparedness procedure, and ensure that it is deployed at all company locations.
-- Develop a carbon footprint for the company.
-- Survey major customers, investors, employees, and other major stakeholders about what environmental, social, and governance behaviors they expect of the firm.
-- Using any pre-existing environmental, health and safety, and/or climate change policies, develop and deploy a company-level sustainability policy.


  1. Great message: going green and business. Check out my column on Sunday.

  2. I like your message: Good business and green business go hand in hand.

    Great column, by the way: