Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I have been doing some spring cleaning this month, both in my house and in getting my garden ready for summer. But the idea of spring cleaning social media accounts was a new one when I heard about it from Jennifer Vickery, a social media expert from National Strategies Public Relations.

Here are here recommendations for keeping up with social media and spring cleaning your profile:

1) Go through your e-mails and add the names of contacts to your social media. You can start with LinkedIn. Go straight to that search field and start typing names. Do you collect business cards or have an app that does so for you? Bust this out right now and get going!
 2) When was the last time you had a social media posting? If it was older than 3 weeks ago, you are in need of spring cleaning. First, write a post about you, your company, positive news, upcoming projects, or something to get the ball rolling. Don’t stress too heavily on what to write – just start! Next, whip out your planner and begin writing some broad topics for certain days. Now make sure you post regularly. Our rule of thumb is posting at minimum twice per week for your audience to stay engaged.
3) Spring cleaning still involves cleaning. So, do you have old information on your profile? Maybe you still have a few colleagues or employees who have left your organization and know your social media passwords. Maybe your Facebook Timeline needs some ‘sprucing.' Or perhaps you have some comments which you wish to take down all together. This is the time to get this done.
 4) Too busy to keep your social media tidy? Get one or two employees in your organization, come up with a time-table of who will post and when (that way there is not duplicated effort) and make a plan. You might find this to be a fun project for them to be included in and also showcase new talents.
5) Do you have your LinkedIn profile link on every signature line of your e-mail? Why not? Let others know that you want to connect. Have you had a great accomplishment and want to share with others? Of course you can share this with social media.


  1. I'm pretty good at posting but my LinkedIn profile...old.

  2. You are a champion of posting, Petrea, and that makes you quite rare!

  3. I'm a champion if blogging sticks around, but it may be going away. On the other hand, last night I sat and read my Twitter feed but I couldn't think of a thing to say!

  4. I don't think these things "go away," per se, but they may become more niche-oriented as other platforms get popular.

    Just like radio and film didn't go away when TV came in, they just found their audiences. People love to read and write and I think the Internet will always facilitate that.