Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From The Archives

Certain columns of mine have taken on a life of their own. They may have been posted or printed years ago, but they turn up again and again online.

I'm glad that people find these columns evergreen, and believe that their information and advice stays relevant and useful over time.

Here's one oldie but goodie that I refer to in conversation all the time because it came out of a unique idea. I was really happy to see it reposted by a small business website just this week.


  1. This is an excellent column! The advice applies to all sorts of businesses, and to life in general, as well.

    Thank you!

  2. Have you caught this story?


  3. Thanks, Dorothy, like I said I mention that guy's book all the time because he had such concrete advice and he came at it in such an unusual fashion. BTW, he told me what a struggle it was to get published because the business book industry want happy, how-to, motivational titles, not the opposite.

    Yes, Desiree, I have seen that story circulating. Sweet, sweet revenge.

    Something similar happened to me, and when I called out the guy who lifted my piece without crediting me or BW, he took a similar condescending, bullying tone in response.

    Thankfully, I had my editor and the Bloomberg legal team to back me up. It's nice to see that writers can rely on the Internet community to get their back when they don't have traditional publishers.

  4. I'm just glad there's a new post here so I can stop trying to come up with that one special word (or it's one verb, actually, right? As in I can't.)

  5. Karin, how about "tortured" - as in "tortured trying to define myself"?

    I'd say you're indefinable. Perhaps you need a phrase, like "je ne sais quoi"?

    Anyway, you're officially off the hook. For now. ;-)