Friday, November 5, 2010

What's The Word?

When I ask business owners to tell me what their company does, in a nutshell, they often stumble, hem, haw or guffaw.

Eventually, most read off or stumble through a recitation of a formal "mission statement" that they've cooked up with their marketing team. Since it's typically a string of oddly related, formal words incomprehensible to the average reader, I usually have to boil down what they do by myself.

It's amazing to me how few CEOs can succinctly and spontaneously say what it is their business actually does.

That's why I like this one-word mission statement, proposed by a long-time Internet marketing source, Todd Miechiels.

It got me thinking about what one word would best encapsulate what I do writing about and for entrepreneurs. Explain? Encourage? Nurture? Advocate? I'll have to think about it.

What one word best describes your company or personal mission in life?


  1. I believe ours would be "Community".

  2. Speaking for Answers where I'm the community manager, I'd say our one word is "connect". We connect business owners with each other, with information, with products, with services and with customers.

  3. This is a great one to ponder. Like Hilary, I love to connect people. I also entertain. I also have more than one business! I think though, in a nutshell, my word is "communicate."

  4. Interesting - we've all got "C" words so far! ;-)

    I think my word is probably "encourage." I do more than explain but not quite up to advocate and nurture is a bit too maternal for this context I think.

    So I'm going with encourage.

  5. Don't forget about inspire.... : >