Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sad Reality

I've been incredibly fortunate to see my way through this horrid recession and most of my friends and loved ones (though not all) have similarly been able to stay afloat.

But not everyone has been so lucky, by any means. This week, I answer a question from a former small business owner who not only lost his bagel shop in Claremont (the long-time local favorite Tasty Bagel) but also pretty much his whole life in the past couple of years.

Interviewing people like this really bring home a few things: The tragedy of our economic downturn; the crushing damage that a sliver of greedy, short-sighted individuals unleashed on "the least of these" in society and how fortunate those of us who've escaped ruin really are.


  1. Wow. I certainly feel for this former business owner and can identify. Dean Witter (interesting screen name) was particularly brutal with his/her comment. I think the most important thing you mention is to not give up hope. For businesses that are continuing to struggle through this economic mire, hope and faith are the things that will keep you sane.

  2. One of my loved ones is losing hope and I will pass on this advice. Thanks, Karen.