Monday, December 6, 2010

Feast or Famine

This is the rhythm of the freelance life.

After 21 years of self-employment, I've learned that work begets work and vice-versa. One on-hold project turns into another and the downward slide begins. Suddenly, you think about using all your free time to tackle that book you always wanted to write.

And then, assignments start trickling in, the snowball starts rolling, and suddenly, you're piled on two weeks before a busy holiday season.

You learn to roll with it, and be thankful. The upswing always feels better than the downturn.

If, as I've always contended, my work load is something of an early indicator of the economy, things are definitely looking up for 2011.

That book will just have to move over to the back burner yet again. One of these years.


  1. Good news, but sorry we don't have that book to read.

  2. Congratulations on the feast. Keep taking notes for that book, though.

  3. Thanks, AH and Petrea.

    Now I know why my favorite columnists way back when used to go on hiatus to work on their books. (Ever notice nobody does that anymore?!)

    The tyranny of the paycheck, I guess is the problem these days.

  4. Not sure how widespread this is, but some columnists produce books that are simply a collection of their columns.