Friday, December 3, 2010

Follow Your Bliss

When my kids were going through the college application/acceptance process, I rejected the idea that they had to get into certain premier institutions or their futures were doomed.

Now that they are both in excellent schools, I stick by my guns on that one.

But how much does your college major truly matter?

Not much, according to an article from the Online Education Database. Check out their “9 Brilliant Business Minds and Their Totally Irrelevant College Majors.”

My brother is a mover and shaker in the apparel industry in New York City these days. But he went through school as an English major and only got into business through a summer job at Macy's when he was in high school.

So, while I tend to think it helps to study something related to what you want to do, it's probably true that dedicated, innovated people will rise to the top of whatever industry they wind up working in.

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  1. I didn't realize this post would jive nicely with what we're doing on the Bloomberg Businessweek site this week.

    Over there, you can see a slide show about very successful entrepreneurs who made it up the ladder without money or the Ivy League behind them.

    The American Dream - isn't that what they call it? ;-)