Friday, September 21, 2012

Entrepreneur Moms

I was already self-employed when my second son was born. I remember calling an editor the next day, to work on a piece I had written for the Los Angeles Times.

After a few pleasantries and congratulations, he suddenly stopped and said, "Karen, are you calling from ... your hospital room!?" 

I sheepishly admitted that indeed, I was. He chastised me until I explained that I felt fine and this was as much down time as I was going to get for several weeks, with a newborn and a two-year-old at home. 

Heck, the hospital was pure refuge! Other moms at the time were advocating for quick returns home or even home births. I was like, "Hey, let me stay in the hospital for a week, like in the good old days! Meals brought in (okay, such as they were), a private room, help at the push of a button and an entire staff to provide expert care to my baby when I need a nap. What's wrong with that!?"

This week I write about entrepreneur moms, only to find out that they're doing the same thing I did: Staying in touch with work even from the hospital, grabbing a few hours a day to keep up with the office. It's not really avoidable when you work for yourself!  

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