Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Moms on the Net

Thank goodness there were no blogs back when my children were babies.

Not only did I not have time to sit down and read anything for more than a minute, I surely did not have time to write for any publication that wasn't paying me by the word.

And while I'm sure I had brilliant parenting insights at the time, I have a feeling anything I actually wrote down would have come out like a screed, a rant or a trough of self-pity. (My children are wonderful, but they were "active" babies and toddlers, to employ the proper euphemism, and "challenging" to raise.)

There is a whole generation of mothers today, however, who are recording their experiences online in so-called "mommy blogs."

Entrepreneurs are beginning to realize that these women can provide powerful marketing and sales boosts, but there are rules about interacting with them on behalf of your business.

Check out this week's Smart Answers column to read about some of them.


  1. Totally! If Huggies wants to promote a product. Send it to 1000 Mommy bloggers or Mommies on twitter. It wouldn't cost them more than $20k and they'd likely get exposure to 50,000+ Mommies.

  2. Exactly right, Allan.

    Large companies are already doing this, to some degree, and it's time for small businesses to take advantage of the same opportunity.

    For local companies, getting to know area mom blogs could be a significant win-win.