Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama Follow Up

The latest Smart Answers column is a follow up to my column about entrepreneurs and Obama.

This one is a round-up of reactions to policies coming out of the Obama White House.

More than anything else, I found that small business owners worry that they'll be forced to offer expensive health care coverage to their employees. If that's the case, many of them say, they'll have to lay off many workers or perhaps close their doors.

Without a doubt, most small employers would love to provide medical insurance plans for their workers. But it's simply too expensive for many of them, and even those that do have medical plans struggle with the annual cost increases.

Of course, not providing medical coverage severely handicaps many small companies when it comes to making the best hires.

If health care reform includes a way for small business owners to offer health insurance more affordably, or perhaps a viable public health care plan becomes an option - freeing up more individuals to work for smaller companies if they choose - I think entrepreneurs will be thrilled.

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