Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That Sucks

Readers often ask me to investigate a particular business start up, work at home or franchise opportunity for them.

I typically explain - kindly - that they need to do the research themselves. Not only will they learn how easy and quick online research is, they will also educate themselves not only about the situation at hand but probably get a lot of other eye-openers as well.

There's nothing tough about entering a company name and background information into a search engine like Google or the website of the Better Business Bureau.

But my friend and web guru Paula Johnson has an even better idea:

Google the company or individual plus the word "sucks" in quotes. If anyone's online complaining about them, you'll find out pretty quickly.

Two caveats to remember: Just because someone's grousing on the Internet doesn't mean their complaints are accurate or fair. And there are probably 10 complainers online for every grateful customer, so take the negative comments with a grain of salt.